The Sampler: 1 pan Cinnamon Rolls & 1 pan Parker House Rolls

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The Sampler includes 1 pan of RoRo's Cinnamon Rolls & 1 pan of RoRo's Parker House Rolls.  

All of our rolls are handmade using natural ingredients including: real butter, unbleached flour, non-gmo canola oil, real milk.

The Cinnamon Roll pan contains 8 rolls, and the Parker House Pan contains 16 rolls. 

Rolls are fully baked and will thaw in transit.  You can expect your rolls to arrive fresh and fully thawed.  Follow heating instructions on back of packaging for best results.

Upon arrival the rolls can be left out at room temperature for up to 4 days before warming.  

If you will not be enjoying your RoRo's within a few days of arrival, place in the freezer for up to 6 months to preserve freshness.


**All orders are processed within 2-3 days and are shipped on Monday & Tuesday of each week.**


For larger quantities, please contact us directly at:


Written by Adrienne M Kaylor on 18th Dec 2023

Love, love, love these rolls. Best cinnamon rolls, ever. Love the dinner rolls; saving them for Christmas dinner.

Dinner /cinnamon rolls

Written by James on 29th Aug 2022

Dinner Rolls are the best rolls with pure ingredients. Cinnamon rolls are amazing and are some of my favorite Cinnamon rolls. Texture is perfect. Cinnamon rolls could use a little more frosting but still amazing.


Written by Lucille Connick on 1st Jun 2022

I ordered a tray of the din-rolls. Also a tray of the cinnamon rolls. They were so good. I would recommend them to anyone, because they are well worth the money. So like home made......fresh and delicious. The best ever. You will never find rolls this good anywhere.

Amazing customer service

Written by Melanie Knight on 23rd Dec 2021

This company is amazing. I reached out via instagram to see if we should eat our rolls when they would be delivered soon. They immediately replied and told me no please don’t eat them as the having been in route to me for over a week. Also they are going to ship new ones to me and overnight so we get them by Christmas as this was going to be our Christmas breakfast. RoRo’s saved Christmas for us!! I can’t thank you enough.

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Jerilynn Raybould on 20th Jun 2021

Received a gift card for RoRo's for Christmas and purchased 2 pans of cinnamon rolls. They were the most delicious rolls that we have ever tasted. Loved them so much that I just sent one pan of cinnamon rolls and one pan of dinner rolls to friends for their anniversary, which they loved and will order more.


Written by Penny Donnell on 5th Apr 2021

The cinnamon rolls were sooooo good! We recommended them to several of our family members and some have ordered for themselves! We took the Donna-rolls to our family Easter dinner and they were a hit with everyone but mostly with our super picky and bread expert toddler nephew!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Lexi Levine on 15th Feb 2021

Best cinnamon rolls in the world. Very soft and flaky. The bottom is like soaked in cinnamon. Didn’t last very long. 10/10 would reccomend!

cinnamon rolls

Written by Kelly on 27th Jan 2021

delicious - will order again and again!!!

Sampler Pan

Written by Gloria on 18th Oct 2020

This was my first time trying the cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls and they were so delicious. Would definitely recommend them for others to try.

Carbs! Glorious Carbs!

Written by Christine C. on 12th Oct 2020

I will admit, I was influenced by one of the many Texan Instagram bloggers (Madi Nelson, Dani Austin, Katy Roach) I follow to swipe up to order RoRos. I’ve been thinking about placing an order for far too long and decided to treat myself after finishing up a consulting gig. I opted for the sampler of the traditional cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls. Shipping was fast and I learned what all the hype was about last Thursday. I’m admittedly more of a savory over sweets kinda gal, so I was worried the cinnamon rolls would be too sweet after I opened the neatly packaged box. To my surprise, the icing is not overpowering. I will say I preferred the dinner rolls though, because they were just buttery goodness and pure magic once heated up. I literally just ate rolls for dinner one night. I probably shouldn’t admit that, but whatever... it’s 2020 and all rules are off. I will definitely be ordering again. This time I’ll just get all the dinner rolls. If you’re on the fence about ordering, just order. In the words of Oprah, “I LOVE BREAD!” Lol

Won over the toughest of critics

Written by Jessica on 11th Oct 2020

I ordered these as a surprise for my grandparents. With the pandemic, they don’t leave the house much so these gave them something smile about. They’re tough critics but they loved these! Not too many spices or sugar, and the icing to roll ratio was perfect! Now I’ll have to order some for myself!

The Best!

Written by Alex Smith on 16th Sep 2020

Bought these as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. He said they were the best rolls he has ever had and that they melt in your mouth! I was pleased with shipping and they got there within four days.


Written by Olivia on 27th Jul 2020

I ate both the cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls in one sitting! I thought they were amazing! Can’t wait to order more!


Written by Samantha on 14th Jul 2020

These roles were the best! I’m so glad that I took the chance and ordered them. Thanks Katy Roach for always posting these on your story and making me crave them

Roll Review

Written by Natalie Wilson on 24th May 2020

AMAZING!!! The most delicious rolls ever!

Holy moly

Written by Tristan McKinnis on 11th May 2020

Holy moly these were so good. Note: “were;” past tense. Both trays were gone in 2 days. This will be my go-to gift for all occasions.


Written by Tara J on 11th May 2020

All I have to say is: if you are debating about buying these... DO IT. It’s as simple as that. You will not regret it and they are 10000% worth it. So good and the team is so nice!


Written by Bay Bingham on 3rd May 2020

I ordered some for my fiancé and I as well as my grandparents and they were such a hit! Best cinnamon rolls hands down! Trying to make myself wait a few weeks before ordering more lol Thank you RoRo's for such a treat during quarantine!

Cinnamon/dinner roll combo

Written by D. Alford on 27th Apr 2020

Delicious! I’ve ordered twice

Everything was amazing!

Written by Erin K on 26th Apr 2020

We ordered the dinner rolls and the cinnamon rolls - both were beyond amazing!! Thank you!


Written by Jillian on 20th Apr 2020

Bought a sampler pack and both were amazing! The cinnamon rolls are so delicious and not overly sweet - perfect for me!

Rightfully Influenced!

Written by Rachel on 20th Apr 2020

I saw these all over IG, and eventually had to try. Best decision ever!! Got the dinner & cinnamon roll combo so I could try them both. I don’t *love* lots of cinnamon on mine, so these were PERFECT! Not overwhelmingly cinnamon-y, just enough, with a delicious icing in the perfect ratio! The dough peeled away easily for a fun eating experience. The dinner rolls are also delicious, with a hint of sweetness, they’re very good even just buttered. If I had to order again, though, I’d choose the cinnamon rolls!!


Written by Yvette Hershey on 24th Feb 2020

Rolls and cinnamon buns were amazing!!!!

Absolutely delicious

Written by Deven on 14th Jan 2020

I am so happy I stumbled across RoRo's on Instagram. I purchased the sample pack that came with 1 pack of the Cinn-a-rolls and 1 pack of the Dinn-a-rolls. The cinnamon rolls were delicious! I have yet to try the dinner rolls (will have them for dinner later this week), but they look fresh and I'm sure they taste just as good as they look.

Perfect gift!

Written by Lindsey on 18th Dec 2019

I’m not sure which one received more praise the cinnamon rolls or dinner rolls!! My family loved them both! Delicious!!!

I need more stars!!!

Written by Renee Austin on 28th May 2019

There are not enough stars to show how pleased I was with my order! Hands down the absolute best rolls EVER!

Fluffy and yummy

Written by Ydh on 5th Dec 2017

Love cinnamon buns and dinner soft fluffy yummy


Written by Sheila on 17th Oct 2017

They taste delicious. . Almost melt in your mouth. Only complaint I have is. I wish you could get more for your money.


Written by undefined on 29th Mar 2016

I send these to my daughter and she thinks they are the best!!!

Very fresh

Written by Gayle on 4th Jan 2016

The cinnamon rolls are very fresh, and the flavor is good. There is an abundance of icing, which makes them overly sweet, though. It would be a plus to offer one with nuts and/or raisins. The dinner rolls are soft and taste homemade. Delicious.

Cinnamon buns

Written by Pam on 20th Dec 2015

The sampler was a gift. My friend cooked the cinnamon buns and said they were delicious. She's has not cooked the rolls yet. I am sure they will be equally as delicious. Now I need to order for myself.

The Best

Written by melissa on 15th Dec 2015

This is a fabulous product. Delicious!

melt in your mouth

Written by Sandra Branch on 8th Dec 2015

I saw this in the Oprah magazine and had to try it. Didn't realize they were in Dallas where I am! These cinn-a-rolls are the best I have ever tasted. You don't need all that icing for good cinn-a-rolls, it starts with the roll itself and these are melt in your mouth good@

WOW!!! the Best Rolls

Written by Melissa Rose on 8th Dec 2015

Your product is excellent!!! The Cinn-A Rolls are fabulous!!! Just put them in the oven for 20 minute and serve. I am sending them for Christmas presents.

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