RoRo's Cinnamon Rolls, 2 Pans - Updated Packaging/8 rolls per pan

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RoRo's Cinnamon Rolls are handmade using natural ingredients including: real butter, unbleached flour, non-gmo canola oil, real milk, and fresh eggs.  

Each delicious pan contains 8 rolls each.  

Rolls are fully baked and will arrive fresh and completely thawed. Follow heating instructions on back of packaging for best results.

Upon arrival the rolls can be left out at room temperature for up to 4 days before warming.  

If you will not be enjoying your RoRo's within a few days of arrival, place in the freezer for up to 6 months to preserve freshness.


**All orders are processed within 2-3 days and are shipped on Monday & Tuesday of each week.**


For larger quantities, please contact us directly at:


Ingredients:  Enriched Flour (Unbleached Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Cane Sugar, Water, Brown Sugar, Non-gmo Canola Oil, Butter (Cream, Salt), Eggs, Low Fat Milk, Contains 2% Or Less Of: Salt, Yeast, Corn Starch, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Almond Extract, Allspice.



RoRo's Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Selena R. on 22nd Apr 2024

I love these as they are a nice compliment to breakfast with family.

Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Sharon on 13th Mar 2024

Homemade taste without the work. RoRo’s cinnamon rolls are made with just the right amount of cinnamon and icing. They are absolutely delicious! This was my second time ordering them.


Written by Adrienne on 23rd Jan 2024

Love, love, love these cinnamon rolls. Soft and delicious; delicious cinnamon flavor; easy to reheat and eat.


Written by Cassidy Joiner on 15th Jan 2024

Best cinnamon rolls!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Glenda Johnson on 5th Dec 2023

These are the best cinnamon rolls I've ever eaten. They are just the right size and always tasty whether you eat them immediately or freeze them and have them available for when guests arrive. I learned about them from my daughter who was given the information by a friend. They are now consistently a part of all special meals.

Dinner Rolls

Written by Glenda Johnson on 5th Dec 2023

Delicious, just like my mother used to make, and they freeze well. That offers opportunities to be ready for a delicious meal anytime guests arrive.

Cinnamon rolls

Written by Connie Hicks on 27th Nov 2023

Delicious and easy to warm up- quickly ready to eat. I like that they can be left on the counter for 3-4 dats without going bad.

Ro Ros

Written by Jerome Johnson on 4th Sep 2023

The best cinnamon buns I've ever had quality is the best they bake up just nice right out the oven.


Written by Amanda Donahue on 24th Dec 2022

Pleasantly surprised! I knew they would be good but I didn’t know they would be this good!!! Fluffy and not too heavy of a rolls. They taste so fresh after baking!!!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Daff on 25th Nov 2022

Deeelicious! Soft, yummy in great condition at delivery! Please get the Lemon and Cranberry in stock!! Pleassssse ☺️

Cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls

Written by I used to work there and we all would be getting fat fat eating these these cinnamon rolls and dinne on 20th Sep 2022

Can never go wrong with these cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls omg

The Best Sweet Rolls Ever

Written by Christine on 1st Jun 2022

I have been purchasing these Sweet Rolls and Dinner Rolls since Oprah added them to her Favorite Things list years ago. They have consistently been the best sweet rolls and dinner rolls I have ever had, and regardless of the baking oven. I’ve even baked them to perfection in an old cast iron wood burning stove in a mountain cabin and they turned out fantastic! The customer service is also excellent. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this company and their products!

Best cinnamon rolls EVER!

Written by Stephanie on 11th Jan 2022

LOVE these rolls! Gave them as Christmas gifts to neighbors one year. The next year I did something different and everyone was so disappointed. So fresh and tasty. Thank you RoRos!


Written by Kait on 7th Dec 2021

These are so dang good! I have gotten them several times and each time they are just as delicious!


Written by Marcia Summers on 29th Nov 2021

These rolls are hard to beat. Warm them up a bit and the pan will be gone in seconds. They are a must have!

Cinnamon rolls

Written by TOBEY COODY on 25th Nov 2021

Absolutely the best cinnamon rolls! Every raves about them! Fast delivery too!

More rolls on rolls

Written by Macy on 22nd Nov 2021

These are the best cinnamon rolls ever!! We keep a stock of them in the freezer and love giving these as gifts to our neighbors and friends.


Written by Lezlie Nosacka on 21st Nov 2021

I absolutely love all of RoRo’s products! I try and keep them on hand at all times lately!

Cinamon Rolls

Written by Beth A Wittcoff on 15th Nov 2021

Ro Rod cinnamon rolls are scrumptious!

Best cinnamon rolls!

Written by Christine on 10th Nov 2021

These are my family’s favorite cinnamon rolls. Ever.

Soooooooo Goooooddd!!!

Written by Sarah on 20th Oct 2021

These cinnamon rolls are the absolute best! Perfect for a regular Sunday morning or I like to buy and freeze for Holiday mornings!! So so good! Can’t say enough just homemade goodness!!


Written by Tamara Wilson on 18th Oct 2021

Why make them yourself when these rolls taste better !!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Jerilynn Raybould on 10th May 2021

Had these cinnamon rolls on Mother's day and they are delicious!!! Entire family raved about them. Best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted.

Absolutely the best!

Written by Claire Garrett on 15th Feb 2021

RoRo’s products are incredible! My family has enjoyed the dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and seasonal offerings- peach, apple, and pumpkin. Each of us has a favorite but in my opinion, the cinnamon rolls just can’t be beat. They are the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted! We are all hoping RoRo’s will make it to stores in Georgia but until then, I will continue to order online. They are worth every penny!

Review of the cinnamon and lemon sweet rolls

Written by Cynthia on 10th Feb 2021

Excellent!! The entire family loved them,

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Josh Holland on 7th Feb 2021

The best cinnamon rolls ever...2 pans didn’t even last a day!! Highly recommend


Written by Jeff Falkingham on 31st Jan 2021

These were fantastic, family loved them. Not too sweet, a little crisp on the edges, I wish they were available locally!


Written by Arielle Harkrider on 31st Jan 2021

Delicious and fresh! Highly recommend!

Best Cinnamon Rolls!

Written by Cari on 30th Jan 2021

The yummiest Cinnamon Rolls ever! I just came back and bought some for our neighbors because they love new breakfast ideas for their little kid!

• RoRo's Cinn-A-Rolls

Written by Trey Henderson on 14th Jan 2021

The best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted!!

Cinnamon rolls

Written by Missy on 29th Dec 2020

Amazing! Ordered for my family for Christmas morning, they absolutely loved!! Will definitely order again!

Roro’s Cinnarolls

Written by Lauren Travis on 27th Dec 2020

Just wanted to say, I had an amazing experience with this company. Originally ordered cinnamon rolls for 12/18 but they were in shipping limbo as of 12/22. I reached out to their customer service to make sure I could still eat them if they arrived late and they ended up overnighting me another order! These arrived in time for Christmas! The original order still hasn’t come in yet (it’s 12/27). So I probably can’t eat those but I definitely plan on ordering from this company again and telling everyone I know about this awesome customer service! The cinnamon rolls are to die for as well! Thank you again!!!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Niki H. Blake on 27th Dec 2020

Couldn't find these anywhere close so ordered for Christmas and they shipped just as expected! They did not disappoint! Loved them!

Cinnamon Rolls, Yummy!

Written by Cyndi McCrea on 24th Dec 2020

We were pleasantly surprised when we warmed the cinnamon rolls and they were like fresh out of the oven! Light and airy and just the perfect amount of sweet! While these are delicious and we will be ordering more, we would like to suggest maybe a new product with more cinnamon.


Written by Kait J on 23rd Dec 2020

These are amazing! I love cinnamon rolls but I’m also super picky especially with the icing and these are just so delicious. Even when we freeze them and then bake them they turn out amazing!

RoRo's Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Elizabeth on 23rd Dec 2020

We sent several family members and friends the RoRo's cinnamon rolls for Christmas and they all raved about how soft, fresh and delicious they were. They arrived frozen, which allowed them to choose when they wanted to bake and enjoy either one pan or two. We will definitely continue this tradition of sending this delicious product during the holidays.

A Christmas Mystery

Written by Eric R James on 22nd Dec 2020

The Cinnamon Rolls were delivered on time and arrived with Christmas care. I couldn't wait to open up these delicious morsals, but then I would have to share. As I pondered and pondered...oh what shall I do? I tip-toed to the kitchen to get a closer view. The cinnamon rolls were snuggled so neat and so tight, I said to myself, it wouldn't hurt if I just took one bite? 1 roll, 2 rolls, omg 3, before I knew it, they vanished ever so quickly. I admit what I've done because it's that time of year, I love RoRo's cinnamon rolls, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Written by Claire Hart on 17th Dec 2020

We just ate our first of two tins of cinnamon rolls. They were just like Grandma makes, and we can’t wait to have our next batch on Christmas morning. Happy Holidays.


Written by Katie on 17th Dec 2020

We live in MA but heard great things about this family owned business from social media. Wow are we in love! We ordered rolls for Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit that we ended up ordering the cinnamon rolls for Christmas! Can't wait to try them and to continue our purchases! We will certainly spread the word here in New England about these delicious baked goods! Shipping is quick as well!


Written by Lezlie Brooks on 17th Dec 2020

I have been wanting to try these rolls for quite some time. They exceeded all expectations! We absolutely loved them! They came at just the right time!

Cinna Rolls!

Written by Marie May on 11th Dec 2020

These are absolutely amazing!! Definitely cannot eat just one (or four)! DE-lish! Cant wait to order more soon!

Definitely Lives up to the Instagram Hype!

Written by Sarah Forbes on 7th Dec 2020

OMG so so good! They are everything I hoped they would be and more! So glad I bought 4 trays so I can attempt to freeze and save some for Christmas morning! They are so good I hope I can keep them in my freezer that long without eating them before! I will definitely be ordering more!!

RoRo's Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Deana Davis on 7th Dec 2020

Delicious and wonderful! A new family favorite! Easy online ordering and shipping was quick.


Written by Janna Harrison on 7th Dec 2020

I have seen the hype of the cinnarolls on Amber Masseys Instagram for awhile. I knew I had to buy some for Christmas gifts! I can't enjoy them since I am allergic to cinnamon but as soon as the first box arrived I turned around and ordered two more to give!


Written by Coral Kennedy on 6th Dec 2020

Super good!!! My wife and daughter tried them for the first time and loved them

Cina Rolls

Written by Dennis Joyce on 21st Nov 2020

Excellent! Very good taste light fluffy texture. The right amount of sugar and cinnamon and glaze..Really good a must try!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Kara on 21st Oct 2020

Delicious! Have been ordering them around the holidays the past couple of years and they never disappoint!

Cinnamon rolls

Written by Denise Wakefield on 18th Oct 2020

I had these shipped to my daughter in California after seeing them from an Instagramer. I have never had them. My daughter said they were good.

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Theresa on 15th Sep 2020

Some of the best we have had!

So delicious!!

Written by Maggie R on 8th Jul 2020

Ro-Ro's cinnarolls are still just as delicious and homemade-tasting as when we began eating these 8 years ago. Just had them shipped out of state and they were ready for the freezer when received....well, except for the pan we baked immediately and enjoyed!!

So delicious!

Written by Christina on 6th Jul 2020

These cinnamon rolls are absolutely delicious! They taste homemade, and have the perfect amount of frosting. They were packed and shipped perfectly. We ate one pan right away and froze the other - can't wait to try some of the other varieties!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Ophelia B. on 24th Jun 2020

This was my 2nd time purchasing RoRo’s Cinnamon Rolls. Just like before, they were a major hit with the family. We most definitely have a family fav!


Written by emily nicholson on 23rd Jun 2020

I got these for father's day & not one was left. They are delicious.

Review of rolls

Written by Megan on 21st Jun 2020

These are the best rolls. Made for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Perfect Mother’s Day Surprise!

Written by Ashley Hankins on 15th Jun 2020

Sent these to my mom and future mother in law! They were in LOVE. Both said they were the best cinnamon rolls they’ve ever had!


Written by Kim on 8th Jun 2020

A friend of mine told me they were the best cinnamon rolls she had ever had so I ordered them. She was right! My whole family loved them. I can't wait to try the other varieties and dinner rolls.


Written by Lisa Ragan on 3rd Jun 2020

Sent them to my family in Florida as a surprise. They loved them and reminded them of my grandmothers. That is quite the compliment! Will be sending these as gifts to many more’.


Written by Megan on 29th May 2020

Definitely some of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had, even after being shipped, frozen, thawed and reheated! A HUGE hit in our house!

Cinnamon rolls

Written by Kay on 24th May 2020


BEST Cinnamon Rolls!

Written by Lacey Coberly on 19th May 2020

Brought these glamping and they're hands down the BEST cinnamon rolls! I will definitely be ordering more asap

Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever!

Written by Christine on 18th May 2020

These are absolutely the best cinnamon rolls ever! I can’t wait to try more delicious treats from Roro’s!

A Tasty Treat

Written by Kimberly Cooper on 18th May 2020

I recently purchased the cinnamon rolls and I am absolutely in love!! They arrived sealed, boxed and delicious

Cinnamon rolls

Written by Desiray Pashilk on 18th May 2020

These were delicious! I am very much into sweets. With other cinnamon rolls sometimes you don’t get enough icing or enough cinnamon. With these cinnamon rolls there was enough of both and it wasn’t too much. Also sometimes cinnamon rolls will be dry on the outside . These were not dry at all and so fresh tasting! I bought the two pack and they were gone in two days.!!!!

Delicious home baked taste!

Written by Virginia on 18th May 2020

These cinnamon rolls were absolutely delicious. They tasted fresh baked as if you had made them yourself in your own kitchen! They come out of the oven warm and the glaze melts back down nicely, coating all of the rolls. I have yet to try the package that I froze, but I have faith that they will thaw and bake just as well! Definitely would recommend ordering if you're feening for some good cinnamon rolls.


Written by Julie McCormack on 14th May 2020

We ordered a pan of dinner rolls and a pan of cinnamon rolls as one of my mom's Mother's Day gifts. She was just delighted, and said the dinner rolls were so light and tender, the cinnamon rolls "DELICIOUS". They were delivered quickly and we were very impressed with the customer service. Thanks a bunch for making us look good!

Very yummy treat

Written by Danielle on 11th May 2020

This was our first order after seeing someone rave about them on insta. We gobbled these up fast so its great we bought 4 trays. I also love that they can be frozen for up to 6 months. Really fun treat.

The BEST!!

Written by Jessica on 11th May 2020

These are our favorite cinnamon rolls!! Such a treat!

So good!!!

Written by Sarah Kircher on 11th May 2020

Ordered these to send to my mom for mother’s day! Delivered on time and she loved them! Will definitely be ordering again.

Mother's Day Brunch

Written by Sarah on 11th May 2020

Made our Mother's Day complete. The package arrived perfectly, cooking instructions were simple and the food was delicious. We can't wait to try the other varieties and everyone said Ro Ro's will be a staple for all of our holidays going forward.


Written by Sara on 11th May 2020

Can't wait to move to Texas and have access to these at our grocery store. Great to have on hand for visitors and special mornings.


Written by Monique on 5th May 2020

AMAZING quality, taste, and ease of storing long term in freezer...these are the most delicious cinnamon rolls I’ve had. Ordering dinner rolls next!! Roro’s fan for life now....and thanks to Madi Nelson for the recommendation!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Liz Gilman on 3rd May 2020

These were great! My family loved them! Came so fresh!

RoRo’s cinnamon rolls

Written by Deb on 28th Apr 2020

Oh my word, these rolls are like a slice of heaven! I received them in the mail as a gift and after eating a couple, I went straight to my computer to order them, to send to five of my friends!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Pam Sweeney on 27th Apr 2020

The best Cinnamon Rolls I have ever had! Will be ordering again soon!


Written by Marissa Kelty on 27th Apr 2020

Okay so I have been seeing these cinnamon rolls on Instagram a lot lately!! We thought why not try them during this quarantine period and I DON’T regret it! So soft and flakey and just the right amount of icing. I definitely will be ordering more. Seriously nothing better than homemade treats.

Birthday treat!

Written by Nicholas John Christenson on 26th Apr 2020

My wife wanted these for her birthday! They shipped fast and were a hit! She is in love with them!

B E S T Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Frances Racine on 20th Apr 2020

These are the BEST Cinnamon rolls I've ever had!! We will definitely be ordering them again.


Written by Natale Puente on 20th Apr 2020

These cinnamon rolls were featured on Instagram and I had to try them . At first I thought they were on the pricier side with shipping so I was hoping they were worth it . The packaging was beautiful and the cinnamon rolls were scrumptious. I’ve never tasted a cinnamon roll like these :)

Sunday Treat

Written by Stephanie on 20th Apr 2020

These were SUCH a fantastic treat for a lazy Sunday brunch. I was in a giving mood and dropped some off to a few of my family member's houses. We all thoroughly enjoyed but next time I will be buying these just for me! These are perfect for any holiday, too. I live in PA and they arrived so fresh and neatly packaged. I can't wait to order more!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Kathy Smith on 20th Apr 2020

These are my favorite cinnamon rolls! I love that you can take them directly out of the freezer and bake them.


Written by Chelsea M. on 7th Feb 2020

Hands down, best rolls ever. I ordered both cinnamon and lemon rolls and they are to die for. After seeing so many rave reviews on instagram I decided I needed these as I have been craving sweets during my pregnancy. These were shipped to me in Ohio (thank you!!) and now I just need to pace myself so I don't run out of them!! I wish these were available up here!


Written by Tamika on 19th Jan 2020

I have purchased from RoRo’s a couple times now. The cinnamon rolls are all I’ve tried but I have heard the other items are just as tasty. These are the best cinnamon rolls you will ever have. The quality is not comparable and it’s like you are enjoying a treat from the heart. Buttery and sweet in a great way, each component complements the next. I will continue to buy for myself and friends and family. Do yourself a favor and buy some and thank them later!!!

These Rolls!

Written by Ashlie Kennedy on 14th Jan 2020

Oh my gosh! These cinn-a-rolls and Dinn-a-rolls are AMAZING!! So delicious and soft. This was my first time buying them after seeing all the post about them and I am SO glad I ordered!! I will be ordering more until we get them up here in Washington state! These are definitely a MUST!

Best Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Morgan Michelle Herron on 4th Jan 2020

I can't wait to try all their products! Excellent quality and service!


Written by Samantha on 28th Dec 2019

We are obsessed w/ the Cinn-A-Rolls! They remind us of waking up on Christmas morning to the sweet smell of cinnamon goodness. Highly recommend ordering or buying in-store (if you're lucky enough to live near a retailer that sells these)! SO SO YUMMY!!

Cinnamon rolls Review

Written by Ophelia on 26th Dec 2019

Arrived quickly! Delicious!!! They were a hit for our first Christmas brunch. We mail most definitely order again.


Written by Suzanne Haslam on 23rd Dec 2019

These cinnamon rolls were recommended by a family friend and they are everything she said they were . Amazing so glad I was able to order and receive these before they sold out for the holidays. Make sure to place your order once they are restocked you will not be disappointed.

Can’t wait to try them on Christmas Day!!

Written by Kristen on 22nd Dec 2019

My dad passed away in 2018 and we had a Christmas tradition of Cinnamon buns on Christmas morning as a kid. I now have an almost 2 year old and wanted to keep the tradition alive. We live in California and I really wanted to try RoRo’s I suggest 2 day shipping. We froze them because we want to enjoy during the holiday. The customer service is amazing thank you!!

Cinnamon rolls

Written by Diane Meek on 17th Dec 2019

Wonderful. 3rd time I have ordered. Great for gifts.


Written by Denise Mooney on 9th Dec 2019

They are so good, we will but again


Written by Kristi on 9th Dec 2019

The BEST customer service!!!

Best Cinnamon Rolls!

Written by Ashley on 9th Dec 2019

After years of “poppin’ cans” of cinnamon rolls I served Roro’s to my husband this past weekend. Without any prompting (or telling him we were trying new ones) he threw a “these are really good this time” at me! Can’t wait to try the dinner rolls!

Ro Ro’s Cinnamon rolls

Written by Betsy Hepp on 9th Dec 2019

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Amy’s cinnamon rolls! I order them to be delivered to 20 family members every year and they are so excited when they arrive. Great customer service!

Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Abby EldridgeNickerson on 9th Dec 2019

Always delicious!

Dinn-a rolls and Cinn-a rolls

Written by Krista on 3rd Dec 2019

Delicious! Ordered for thanksgiving and my whole family loved them


Written by Pam Saltmarsh on 1st Dec 2019

We got our rolls a little late with the Thanksgiving holiday and a weekend, and when they arrived, they were so worth the wait! As fresh as day 1. I am so glad we bought four pans. I am gifting these yummy rolls to friends to enjoy! If my family doesn't scarf them first. Truly so good.

Happy Bellies!!

Written by Mallory on 30th Nov 2019

The cinnamon rolls are amazing! I ordered them for Thanksgiving breakfast and they were a huge hit! Highly recommend


Written by Amy moise on 29th Nov 2019

Amazing!!!! Best rolls we’ve ever had!! Whole family loves them

Cinnamon rolls

Written by Megan Jones on 18th Nov 2019

I have been wanting to try these forever. I’d be stalking my Walmart but was never able to snag any. So I gave in and ordered online. They were worth EVERY PENNY. I’m not a huge cinnamon roll person and I could eat the whole pan of these!!!

Cinnamon rolls!

Written by Augusta Burt on 9th Nov 2019

We have loved the cinnamon rolls cannot wait to try the rolls this week!

cinn rolls

Written by Tricia on 10th Sep 2019


Cinna rolls

Written by shannon on 27th May 2019

Most amazing cinnamon rolls I have ever had. Taste like heaven in a pan and so easy to heat up a


Written by Gloria on 20th May 2019

Best cinnamon rolls ever! Shipping was fast & i love the packaging. Can’t wait to order more in the future.

Thank You!

Written by Kyla on 13th May 2019

I ordered some cinnamon rolls to be delivered to some friends on their anniversary. I had to make a few changes because of their schedule and Amy could not have been more helpful or accommodating! Our friends received their delicious treats and were none the wiser of the effort that was put into it... Thank you so much Amy for such a great experience!!


Written by Robbie Meshell on 29th Apr 2019

RoRo’s cinnamon rolls are amazing, the texture, presentation, & over all taste was a 10. So, in my opinion they are basically like a heavenly cinnamon donut roll. We love them and can’t wait to order more!

cinnamon rolls

Written by Jayme on 19th Apr 2019

These rolls were so dang good. I was surprised at how moist they were even after traveling. It was as easy as can be to heat them up and enjoy.


Written by Aaron Davis on 19th Apr 2019

We ordered the cinnarolls and heated up the first pan last night for dessert. These cinnamon rolls are amazing. They’re perfectly moist and soft. Not dried out or overly dense. Just the right amount of icing. These are the perfect cinnamon rolls in my opinion

Cinn Rolls

Written by Jo on 15th Apr 2019

DELICIOUS, YUMMY AS ALWAYS, great for Easter or anytime of the day....thank you

Melts in your mouth

Written by DD on 2nd Apr 2018

Melts in your mouth and not in your hand. Softest and lightest cinnamon rolls ever. They are easy to serve. I heat up one and put the other in the freezer.


Written by Denise on 25th Feb 2018

Rolls, were soft warm and not too sweet

Seasoned with Love!

Written by Brenda on 1st Jan 2018

The Cinn-A-Rolls (all flavors) and Dinn-A-Rolls are the closest to homemade I've ever bought. You can taste the love in each product. The heating directions are on the back of the package, and easy to follow. During the holidays I send them as gifts, and always try to keep some on hand for my own family throughout the year. Amy with customer service is so helpful and sweet (yes, you can speak w/a real person). You can definitely tell this is a family owned and operated company. I hope our family can enjoy Ro-Ro's rolls for years to come!!


Written by PMc on 11th Dec 2017

These cinnamon rolls were fantastic.

Sent to Niece & Family

Written by Karen on 5th Dec 2017

I sent the two pack Cinn-A-Rolls to my niece to have when her son returns home for leave from the service on Dec. 12th! She said they looked soooo good she can't wait to serve them warm one morning.

My favorite cinnamon rolls ever!

Written by RAZORBACK on 5th Dec 2017

These are so delicious! I highly recommend them.

Cinnamon rolls good but requires baking for best results

Written by Mike on 5th Dec 2017

The rolls are a bit dry in the center, not good if you just eat without baking. Once I baked them, they're quite good.

Smell Wonderful

Written by undefined on 5th Dec 2017

The only thing I was disappointed in was they do not come with any instructions as I wanted to freeze them for the holidays. So defrost and eat? defrost and warm up at what temperature? Didn't see anything on their website either. Maybe I was supposed to eat them immediately!


Written by Ladyblue on 19th Sep 2017

The cinnamon rolls are some of the very best I have ever had! I only wish they had them in my market. You won't be disappointed!

Five Star Cinnamon Rolls

Written by Ginger F on 26th Aug 2017

I bought this product after seeing it on Good Morning America, and I am so glad I did! These "Cinn-A-Rolls" are just phenomenal, tasting like "real homemade" goodness. Brings back so many memories. They are delicious, not overly sweet and they were the envy of my neighbors who stopped by to see if I would share since they could smell the fresh baked rolls houses away. Thanks for producing such a high quality, delicious product.


Written by K.Rose on 8th Aug 2017

LOVE LOVE these Cinnamon Rolls! There is no better! THANKS for making an awesome product

Best Cinnamon Rolls!

Written by undefined on 12th Jul 2017

These were the best Cinnamon Rolls I've ever tasted! Got two pans thinking one would save for husband's b'day next month - all are gone one week after arrival!


Written by undefined on 8th May 2017

Throughly enjoyed these


Written by undefined on 19th Apr 2017

The rolls were excellent and easy to pull apart. Have your considered Pecan cinnamon buns?

Get the taste you have been craving!!!

Written by LINDA E JACKSON on 15th Mar 2016

This is the best Cinn-A-Rolls I have ever eaten. The flavor and the freshness are the greatest. I wish that I could purchase them here in Atlanta. My new go to snack.


Written by leslie thomas on 9th Mar 2016

Very,very tasty. Better than any other frozen cinnamon rolls I have every tasted. Glad I tried them but cannot afford $25 per pan.

RoRo's Cinn-A-Rolls

Written by undefined on 1st Feb 2016

Rolls were well packaged, moist and delicious. I wish the rolls had a cream cheese icing with pecans added to the interior filling as well.


Written by undefined on 12th Jan 2016

Fabulous! Best ever and the ingredients are all "natural".

The absolute "star" of our Christmas morning breakfast!

Written by Susan on 26th Dec 2015

Absolutely delicious! I was wondering if these rolls would truly be all I had heard that they were. They were outstanding! My family loved this special treat as part of our Christmas breakfast. Even some of my doubtful family members agreed that they were out of this world!


Written by Jan Cappellini on 21st Dec 2015

Arrived on time. Very nice people to deal with. I ordered 4 all going to different locations. Everyone loved them!


Written by Candace L. Hare on 7th Dec 2015

Delicious.....although a little pricey due to mail order. Apparently the rolls sell for $9.99 in your local stores so that means $30 for shipping on two packages.....awfully high. They WERE DELICIOUS though❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Written by Pat on 28th Nov 2015

These are delicious! After 3 days in transit, the cold pack was not cold at all and I was wondering about freshness. No worries! Buns were well packaged and fresh. The first pan didn't last long and I'm sure the one in my freezer will soon be eaten as well. Very tasty, love them. Thanks Gayle!


Written by Christine M Bennett on 12th Jan 2015

Excellent Cinnamon Rolls-Melt In Your Mouth. Customer Service is Excellent Too!

Get the best cinn-a-rolls at your front door!

Written by Laura THomas on 22nd Nov 2013

They have been the best! Since moving out of Texas, I am so glad I can order them online and have them delivered to my door!


Written by undefined on 12th Nov 2013

Our order arrived and we are thrilled! The package was cool, but ice packs way gone. I opened a cinnaroll pack, had a bite and the next thing I knew one roll was gone! I put the rest in the oven and told my husband to come get the treat of his life! He was longer that I expected, so I ate my second roll, warm this time! Oh, I forgot to mention, these are THE PERFECT reminder of what my grandmother would make on holidays and special occasions. Anyway, my husband came into the room to find tears of joy streaming down my face and was afraid they were not from joy. I composed myself and told him why my heart was singing which pleased him to no end. Again thank you, your husband, grandfather, grandmother and family for believing in your dream and pursuing it! Know it has made yet another soul very HAPPY! A return visit is for sure! Most sincerely, Darlene