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Memorial Day Memory & I Did Something New!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  This time last year, we went to RoRo's for dinner, and I remember that my cousin Kellie was pregnant and close to delivering...RoRo is an amazing cook as well as baker!  We were laughing and I was sharing with Kellie all of the food items I would like on hand in the freezer whenever I had a baby someday (because I'm crazy like that!) ...I assured everyone..."I promise, I'm not pregnant!"   Because truly, I thought I wasn't!  The next day, I realized I was about a week late and probably should take a test...Sure enough, it was positive!  I was totally shocked!  

A little back story, earlier that year we had talked about how we would start trying in April.  I had a lot of fears about becoming a Mother.  How would it change our lives?  Would I be a good Mom?  Was I ready?  So April came around...and boom, I was pregnant!  We found out the Tuesday after Memorial Day, so this holiday is now kind of special to me.  Then 4 months later we had a baby! Yikes!

Well, through that baby, we have met SO many amazing people.  Her nurses have become like family, and we have been connected to so many people who have had a smilier experience.  One of those women is Rachel.  After being in the NICU for 5 months and life standing still, I have felt that I really have a desire to reconnect with friends, make new mom friends, and just learn how to start our new life at home as family of 3.  Sweet Rachel posted on her stories several weeks ago about a virtual book club.  It's not normally something I would do.   We had never met in person, and I don't read a ton...but something in me said, just do it!  So, I did and am super excited to spend some time reading this Summer and seeing what comes of this sweet little virtual club. 

 We start June 1st and are reading Again, But Better.  If you want to join, buy the book & join the Facebook group!  Something about this just feels fun and out of the ordinary for me, and I'm really excited!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend Friends!  Let the Summer reading begin!

- Amy